Africa R Users

Africa R is a consortium of passionate Africa R user groups and users innovating with R every day, and are inspired to share their experience as well as communicate their findings to a global audience.

This consortium was birthed from the underrepresentation and minority involvement of the African population in every role and area of participation, whether as R developers, conference speakers, educators, users, researchers, leaders and package maintainers.

As a community, our mission is to achieve improved representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering the African population of all genders who are underrepresented in the global R community.

The primary objective of Africa R is to support R Users across Africa, and R enthusiasts to embrace the full potential of R programming, through fostering a collaborative continental network of R gurus, mentors, learners, developers and leaders, to help facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.

Past and Upcoming Events:

Please visit our Zoom Events Hub to find past and upcoming events.

Anelda van der Walt
Anelda van der Walt
Director / Founder